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We only use ecologically harvested materials from trees that have fallen down, need removal or are dead or dying. 

We work with local tree trimmers to utilize wood that would otherwise be chipped into mulch, or left to rot away. We also obtain permits from the Division of Forestry to harvest Koa from the forest reserve.

When working with the wood, we try to utilize as much of the material as we can. If there is a natural defect in the wood, we find beauty that can be built or painted into a piece of art. Our smaller pieces come from material that would have otherwise been thrown out due to their odd shape or “unusability” for normal projects. Our style is rustic and our goal is to feature what the wood has to offer rather than hiding it.

Everything we sell is handmade and designed by us; many of the art pieces we design, focuses on Kauai’s native species; look for the Hawaiian name to learn more about them.

We work together to create unique items always keeping in mind that the ‘aina and its needs are important in all ways.

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